Joint Forum of BSNL Executives’ Associations                        comprising of SNEA, AIGETOA, BEA, BASE(India), BSNLOA and TSOA served notice to Secretary, DoT and CMD/BSNL  
1. Approval of BSNL recommendation to replacement of non-standard pay scales of E1A and E2A with standard pay scales of E2 and E3 w.e.f 01.01.2007 as per Union Cabinet decision and DPE orders.
2. Approval of pending HR issues in the BSNL Board.
Protest action Program:
1. 25th, 26th and 27th April 2017 – 72 hours relay hunger strike at SSA and Circle Headquarters, Sanchar Bhavan/BSNL Headquarters.
2. 28th April 2017: One day Mass Casual Leave by all Executives of BSNL.
3. 1st May 2017 onwards: Indefinite relay hunger strike at SSA, Circle and BSNL Headquarters and Work According to Rule along with Complete Non-Cooperation till resolution of the issue
4. The program shall be intensified further from 10th May 2017 onwards through more

Joint Forum of BSNL Executives’ Associations served notice to Secretary, DoT and CMD/BSNL demanding settlement of the following demands by 10th May, 2017  

1. Immediate Issuance of Promotion Orders from JTO (T) to SDE (T) under DPC/LDCE quota and issuance of Promotion Orders in all other cadres, in all the wings under both quotas.
2. Extending 30 percent Superannuation Benefit to the BSNL recruited employees along with revision in date of implementation from the beginning.
3. Extending initial basic of Rs. 22820/- to the Executives recruited post 01.01.2007.
4. Uniform 1st Time Bound Promotion in Four Years for all Executives.
5. Extending E1A and E2A scales notionally to JTO/SDEs of Civil/Electrical/Arch/TF wings and PA/PS cadres w.e.f. 01.10.2000.
6. Scrapping of ongoing DR-DGM recruitment and DR-DGM/MT RRs.
7. Resolution of other long pending HR issues.
Comrades, it is a Do or Die battle for us. On pay scales DoT already issued PO and we have to mount tremendous pressure to reverse the order. For the seniors, it is their responsibility to protect the cadre and its dignity. What struggle they had done in 1986, 1996 and 2002 for the upgradation of the cadres remind us how important this issue for all of us. If we allow demotion of JTO and SDE cadre, tomorrow same fate may follow for other cadres also. The status of the company also will be degraded by the lowering of pay scales. For the youngsters, they have to understand that their pay and status is going down for ever. They should not allow the office bearers to be complacent and should mount pressure at each level by fully participating in the struggle. They have to take the lead in this crucial struggle to shake the DoT establishment. This will be the last opportunity for all of us to get this prestigious pay scale for the cadres, for the post 2007 rects and the future rects.
Similarly other HR issues also to be addressed without further delay. Promotions in all the cadres, Superannuation benefits, pay parity of 22820 for post 2007 rects, 1st TBP uniformly after 4 years, E1A and E2A for C/E/Arch/TF/PA/PS etc from 01.10.2000, scrapping of DGM and MT RRs are the main issues. All the issues will be settled only through struggles and continuous persuasion.
Notice is already served and the success of the struggle fully depends on the participation of the members.
Success of the struggle will lead to resolution of the issues.
Make all the preparations along with all other Assns. Make meetings at all levels and prepare every Executive to come out and join the agitation.


Our GS Sri N.Kabeerdas spoken with GM Estt and DGM Estt regarding JTO Phase-I Training to declined cases. After detailed discussion DGM Estt said that the file is sent for approval. After approval Corporate Office will issue orders/clarification to Circles for sending left out Officiating JTOs to Phase-I Training.

Grant of the facility of "Deduction of Subscription to BSNL Officers Association (BSNL OA) "


JTO Phase-I Training may be commenced shortly for the left out Officiating JTOs

Yesterday BTEF Secretary General Sri Suresh Kumar, BSNL OA DGS Sri H.P.Sing and Secretary Sri I.S.Mishra spoken with GM Establishment Smt Madhu Arora and DGM Establishment Sri A.K.Singh regarding JTO Phase-I Training to declined/deputed/Rule-8 Officiating JTOs. They requested to send them for the training irrespective of year of recruitment. They have responded positively and assured to give favorable orders with in a short period for the JTO Phase-I Training of left out Officiating JTOs.


Status of Contempt Petition on FR 22 (1) a (1) CP No 572/2016 at PCAT New Delhi

Contempt of Court case at Principal CAT New Delhi  CP No 572/2016 is posted on 19-05-2017 for final hearing. Our Advocate submitted the Reply for BSNL Affidavit stating that all the information given by BSNL is misleading the case with wrong compliance. In the entire Affidavit BSNL is mainly argued that they are implemented the FR 22 (1) a (1) from the date of eligibility of Officiating JTOs as per the BSNL order and not from the date of order. But our pleading is BSNL is not implemented the FR 22 (1) a (1) from the date of eligibility of Officiating JTOs to till the date of Regularization.

Our Advocate replied that though the BSNL implemented the FR 22 (1) a (1) from the date of eligibility of Officiating JTOs but reverted after 31-12-2006 and submitted all the proofs. Later the case was listed on  19-05-2017 for Final Hearing.