Appointment Orders

Congratulations For all the Bhubaneswar and Hyderabad RTTC Batches who got the Appointment orders today. Remaining officials are requested to peruse with their administration for sending the joining reports to Circle Office as early as possible to get the Appointment Orders for them.



Delhi Tour details

Our GS along with the delegation met Smt Sujata Roy Director HR, Smt Madhu Arora GM Establishment and Sri A.K.Sing AGM Pers-IV and leaders of the Associations Sri Prahlad Ray AIBSNLEA GS and Sri Sebastin SNEA India GS regarding the following issues.

1.   Implementation of FR 22(1)a(1) throughout India without any Discriminations.  Stopping of recovery of Arrears Paid.

2.   Inclusion of names for JTO Phase –I Training of the 2nd Screening Test qualified and Trained Officiating JTOs meanwhile declined, Rule-8, Rule-9 and Deputation candidates.

Management is responded positively in the 2nd case. They told that the process is going on and detailed list is asked from all the states for further action and approval. Association Leaders given assurance they will look into the matter and follow up the issue for early solution.


Our GS along with the delegation met Our Advocate Smt Rani Chhabra at Lawyers Chambers, Supreme Court of India, New Delhi and discussed the following issues.

1.   Fresh OA for Pay Fixation completed / Partial Arrears Paid / Full Arrears Paid / Basic pay reverted / Recover of Arrears.

2.   Contempt petition for Pay Not fixed / Partial Pay fixed i.e. up to 31-12-2006 only.

3.   For Pay Protection.

4.   Filing of case at High Court New Delhi. The details will be given soon.

Our GS letter to Smt Sujata Roy Director HR for JTO Phase -1 Training to 2nd Screening test qualified and Trained Officiating JTOs mean while declined, Rule-8, Rule-9 and Deputation candidates

Our GS letter to Director HR Smt Sujata Roy for stopping of Recovery of Arears paid and Implementation of FR 22(1)a(1) where ever not implemented or implemented up to 31-12-2006 only.


FR 22(1)a(1) case filing status

As on today (16-04-2016) we have received the FR 22(1)a(1)  Court case details papers only few applicants from the following Circles.

 1)  Karnataka
 2)  Madypradesh
 3)  STP   CGM Chennai
 4)  Rajasthan
 5)  STR  CGM Chennai
 6)  Andhra Pradesh
 7)  Tamilnadu
 8)  ETR  Kolkota
 9)  West Bengal
 10)             Maharasthra
 11)             T&D Circle JBP

All the process for filing the  FR 22(1)a(1)  Court case will end by 18-04-2016. This is the last date for receiving the papers and for updating.


JTO Phase-II Training

As per the Jabalpur Training Center JTO Phase-II request received from only Rajasthan Circle and the Training will be started on 11-04-2016 at Jabalpur for the Rajasthan Regular JTOs (Recently Phase-I and Field Training completed). Within short period they will schedule for the JTO Phase-II Training in the RTTCs. Whenever the request received from the circles they will allot the Training center. 
Regarding AP we contacted the Circle administration to send the request to Jabalpur for JTO Phase-II Training.