Latest details regarding our issues.


Our delegation Sri N.Kabeerdas Central Coordinator, Sri U.Kanaka Raju AP, Sri V.P.Shrivastav UP E, Sri Umesh Dhokley MP, Sri Hemanth Arora MP along with BTEF Secretary General Sri Suiresh Kumar, BSNLOA GS Sri H.P.Sing, Sri Veerender, Sri Sharma and others from BSNLMS met Sri Anupam Shrivastava recently taken the charge of Chairman & Managing Director BSNL. BTEF Secretary General Sri Suiresh Kumar, BSNLOA GS Sri H.P.Sing and our Central Coordinator Sri N.Kabeerdas  presented the Bouquets to the CMD, congratulated and conveyed best wishes on behalf of our association and assured him that we will work together with commitment  for the profit of the company  BSNL. We also requested him for Regularization of Officiating JTO’s through approval of JTO RR 2014 in the next Board Meeting. He positively responded and assured us he will take necessary steps on our issue.

 Our delegation met Sri Prahlad Rai GS AIBSNLEA and Sri Venugopal President AIBSNLEA and discussed about our issues.

 Our delegation also met other Senior Officers in the Corporate Office and discussed about Our Regularization issue and FR 22 (1) a (1) queries in UP E, MP, RJ and WB. Letters given and personally approached for early action. 

 1)    Regarding Regularization as per the information of Corporate Office in the next Board Meeting HR Plan only will be discussed and after completion of HR Plan our issues will be discussed in another Board Meeting only.

2)    Regarding correction in names of UP E Annexure letter will be sent to concerned CGM after correction.

3)    Regarding Authorization :-Authorized  Annexure are dispatched to MP, RJ and WB CGMs from Corporate office.  

Our delegation Sri N.Kabeerdas Central Coordinator, Sri U.Kanaka Raju AP, Sri V.P.Shrivastav UP E, Sri Umesh Dhokley MP, Sri Hemanth Arora MP attended the Regularization of Officiating JTOs and reserving of Posts case at Principal CAT New Delhi. Details are given below.

Case Nos:- OA 1467/2013, MA 1440/2014, MA 1801/2013.

Judges :-        Hon’ble V.Ajay Kumar Member (J).

Hon’ble Shekhar Agarwal Member (A)

Advocates: Smt Rani Chhabra (Our Advocate)

                         Sri lalit Bhardwaj (BSNL Advocate)

                         Sri Anit Gupta          (BSNL Advocate)

                         Sri Randhir Beri      (BSNL Advocate)

The Regular Full Bench was not sat on 20-10-2015 due to some of them in leave. The Present Bench sit on that day posted all the Final hearing and Judgment cases to different dates. The heard only fresh and initial stage cases only and posted to another dates. In the above facts our case is posted on Feb 20th 2015 for Final Hearing.

Regarding FR 22 (1)a(1) implementation to left out Officiating JTOs:- We discussed the matter with Smt Rani Chhabra our Advocate in her Supreme Court Chamber. Details will be sent to Circle Coordinators and active members through email for follow up.

 Don’t believe any rumors from others who are not doing anything for us. For any clarification please contact our Central Coordinator Sri N.Kabeerdas.




Dear all Circle / SSA Coordinators and active members please download the Tamilnadu Circle Office clarification on implementation  of FR 22 (1) a (1)  JTO Pay Fixation. Please submit this along with representation and undertaking if necessary to the concerned CAO/AO for implementation. Feed back may please be sent to Central Coordinator.   


AIBSNLEA GS met CMD BSNL and expressed serious concern against non-approval of the HR issues in the last BSNL Board meeting held on 09.12.2014 due to the strong opposition of the Govt. nominee Board of Directors even after the clearance of BSNL Management Committee. CMD appreciated our concern and mentioned that Govt. nominee Directors did not agree to discuss any of the HR issues till the time presentation on HR Plans is not given to the Board. However, he told that next BSNL Board meeting will held in the first or second week of January 2015 wherein the presentation on BSNL HR Plans will be given and all pending HR issues cleared by BSNL MC will be put up in agenda on  priority for Board’s approval.
Our GS Sri N.Kabirdas is continuously persuing with Sri Prahlad Rai GS AIBSNLEA and Sri Suresh Kumar SG BTEF regarding our issue. We are trying in all routes for the approval of JTO RR 2014 in the next Board Meeting. Further course of action and BSNL Board Meeting dates will be intimated latter.


It is very sorry to say that, In today's BSNL Board Meeting also our Regularization issue i.e. Absorption of Officiating JTOs through JTO RR 2014 is not discussed. Smt. Rita Teotia, Addl. Secy (T), Govt. of India, New Delhi is refused to discuss the HR issues.

Our Future course of action will be intimated latter.