BSNL Board minutes file sent to Director HR from Establishment section today for final approval. After receiving the file the New JTO RR notification may be issued and Corporate office will direct all the Circles for the necessary steps for Regularizing all the Officiating JTOs and may issue orders for sending all the Officiating JTOs to Training. Clear picture may come in the next week.
FR 22(1)a(1) implementation for the applicants clarification/reminder expecting shortly from Corporate Office to all the Circles. Please watch blog. All the news will be intimated through blog and SMS.


As per sources BSNL Board minutes released. Our sincere Thanks to CMD BSNL, Director HR BSNL and all the BSNL Board members for the approval of JTO RR and releasing the minutes. With this the long pending issue of Regularization of Officiating JTOs and service eligibility for TTAs is reduced from 7 to 5 years.  We are requesting the BSNL Management to immediately issue orders for all the 2nd Screening Test qualified, JTO Phase-1 Trained officiating JTOs as Regular JTO.


Our delegation met Smt. Madhu Arora GM Estt. Conveyed our sincere Thanks and infinite gratitude to the initiation taken by her and Respectable BSNL CMD Sri Anupam Srivatsav, Director HR Smt Sujata Ray for the approval of Amendments in JTO RR in the last BSNL Board Meeting. We discussed about Pre Basic (6 Weeks) and Basic (10 Weeks) Training. For each training of official as per JTO RR 2001 expenditure is already incurred by BSNL in 2004. She told that after receiving BSNL Board minutes planning to do Regularization process in a speedy way but as per the seniority purpose as per New JTO RR training is must. But she assured to discuss the matter with GM SR/ GM Legal and Director HR for finalization.  Unfortunately our delegation is unable to met convey personally our heartfelt thanks to CMD BSNL and Director HR BSNL due to they are on Tour to Out of Country. But we submitted feelings through letter and requested them to issue early orders for Regularization officiating JTO’s without Training once again.

 Our Central Coordinator Sri N.Kabeerdas  recently i.e. On 12-08-2015 with Our delegation  met Smt Sujata Ray Director HR and presented her a bouquet on assuming the high office of Director (HR), BSNL Board. The detailed discussion took place for more than 2 Hours on our issues. Our Central Coordinator explained both of our issues.
(1) Regularization of 2nd Screening Test qualified, JTO PH-1 Trained on JTO RR 2001 Syllabus and performing duties as JTO on Officiating basis since more than 10 years in various sections of BSNL throughout India.
(2) Implementation of FR 22(1) a (1) for all the officiating JTO’s throughout India.
She responded positively and assured that she will take all the necessary steps for settlement of our both issues. Our delegation assured fullest cooperation  to Director HR to work hard and take necessary steps for strengthening the BSNL in our Jurisdiction. She has taken initiation and made necessary steps to delink the JTO RR from HR Plan and approval of JTO RR Amendments in a very short and unexpected time. We express our sincere gratitude for the purposeful initiatives and the keen interest of CMD BSNL and DIR(HR) in resolving the long pending issue.

We also met Sri Prahald Rai GS AIBSNLEA, Sri Sebastin GS SNEA India, Sri H.P.Singh GS BSNLOA, Sri Rajender Singh Tushir GS BBOA, Sri R.P.Sharma, Sri Sureshkumar Secretary General BTEF and GS BSNLMS, Sri Veerender Sec. BSNLMS, Sri V.A.N Namboodri President BSNLEU, Sri Chandeswar Singh GS NFTE, Sri Rajamallu Vice President NFTE, Sri S.P.Sharma GS WRU and conveyed our sincere and heartfelt Thanks and infinite gratitude for their support on our long pending issue felicitated with bouquet and Shawl. We also discussed in detail with all the leaders of the Unions/Associations regarding Training Process once again for Officiating JTO’s Regularization, Expenditure of Training and seniority issues. All the leaders are assured to discuss the matter with the Management (CMD BSNL, Director HR and GM Estt.) for finalization. NFTE leaders assured to discuss the matter in forth coming National Council i.e. on 16th OCT 2015. All the leaders are assured to look into the matter and see that Regular process on a faster way. 

Regarding FR 22 (1) a (1) our delegation requested GM Estt. And AGM Pers-IV for clarification/reminder to all the circles where ever it is not implemented. They responded in a positive way and assured to give a Clarification/Reminder in a short period to all the circles for early implementation of FR 22 (1) a (1). Regarding 2nd time case filed by BSNLMS for FR 22 (1) a (1) we requested them to issue an early order to circles as the judgment is already received and Union representation also received. The immediately perused the case and the orders kept in the Corporate Intranet on the same day. Our sincere Thanks to all the Officers in Establishment for their support.

As per the discussions of Management and Leaders of Unions/Associations Regularization process may be started shortly. Our Association is also planning to conduct a general body meeting at New Delhi to discuss our future course of action and to felicitate all the Leaders of Unions/Associations who are supported our long pending issue. All the Coordinators are requested to send the delegates in large number to make the meeting a grand success.

Our Delegation given letter to CMD BSNL Sri Anupam Srivatsav, Director HR Smt. Sujata rai and GM Estt. Smt Madhu Arora regarding early orders for Regularization of Officiating JTO’s and waive off PH-1 training which was already completed by all the 2nd Screening Test Qualified, JTO Phase-1 Trained on JTO RR2001 Syllabus and doing Officiating as JTO since more than 10 years in various sections of the Department throughout India.

Our delegation met GM ESTT Smt Madhu Arora and General Secretaries and presidents of Associaions/Unions at New Delhi on 29-09-2015 and 30-09-2015 for coveying our Thanks by Flower Bouquet and Shawl

Flower bouquet and shawl to Smt Madhu Aorora GM (EStt) and submitted letter on early orders for Regularization.

Flower bouquet and shawl to Sri Prahlad Rai GS AIBSNLEA.

Flower bouquet and shawl to Sri Sebastin GS SNEA India.

 Flower bouquet and shawl to Sri Suresh Kumar SG BTEF &GS BSNLMS.

Flower bouquet and shawl to Sri H.P.Singh GS BSNLOA.

Flower bouquet to Sri Veerender Sec. BSNLMS. 

Flower bouquet and shawl to Sri Chandeswar Singh GS NFTE.

Flower bouquet and shawl to Sri V.A.N.Namboodri President BSNLEU.