MAKE TWO DAYS STRIKE ON 21.04.2015 AND 22.04.2015, Total SUCCESS.

Forum of BSNL Unions / Associations & other Unions/Associations met today morning at 1100 Hrs at T-15 BSNLMS office and after analysing the CMD's meeting held on Friday, 17.04.2015 unanimously decided to go ahead with two days nation wide strike and make it a total success on 21.04.2015 and 22.04.2015. Since, most of the demands pertains to DoT/Govt. and till date no initiative has been taken by DoT to hold the meeting with the Forum or to take some initiative for resolution of the demands. It will be stay out strike on both the days. Powerful demonstrations should be organised outside offices, in which all the employees should be made to participate.


Our delegation led by Sri N.Kabeerdas given following letters to the CMD BSNL.

1)  Regarding regularization of the Screening test qualified, Trained and Officiating JTOs since 10 years through one time absorption through amendment in the JTO RR which was approved by BSNL Management Committee and pending for BSNL Board approval.

2)  Regarding clarification to circles on implementation of FR 22(1) a (1) for all the officiating JTOs since 2005 or from date of their eligibility.  Some circle and Some SSAs implemented the FR 22 (1)a(1) for officiating JTOs. Letter given for the common order/clarification for all the circles.

3)  Regarding year wise JTO vacancy break up. (in addition to CMD a letter is also submitted on RTI Act in the respective office.)

Our delegation also met Sri Suresh Kumar Secretary General BTEF, Sri H.P.Sing GS BSNLOA and Sri Pandey GS BTEU BSNL and discussed in detail regarding the above items.

PCAT New Delhi case status

On 17-04-2015 our delegation led by Sri N.Kabeerdas attended the Principal CAT New Delhi for Final hearing. The case is listed with Sl.No.44 in Court hall No 3. But suddenly and unfortunately all the Advocates boycotted all the courts in New Delhi due to the murder of Sr. Advocate in Delhi. Our case is posted on 29-05-2015 for final hearing.

Meeting of CMD BSNL with Representatives of Forum of BSNL Unions / Associations on 17-04-2015


In today BSNL Board meeting HR issues are not discussed including our issue. Board discussed on implementation on HR Plan and finalized. In the next Bord meeting that may be in after One month or One and half month HR issues will be discussed. In the Board Meeting our issue may be Approved. Our GS is continuously perusing with Authorities and Leaders of the Union/Associations for the approval of JTO RR at least in the next Board meeting.


Swarna Award to Shri.S.S.jangade JTO CSCDTO bhandara

Swarna Award presented by Hon.Shri Arvindji  patil TDM bhandara on behalf of CGMT Mumbai to Shri.S.S.jangade JTO CSCDTO bhandara  and his staff. 

Our Association conveys heartily congratulations and best wishes to Sri S.S.Janagade and all the DTO CSC Staff of BHANDARA SSA for their achievement.


Our GS Sri N.Kabeerdas contacted Sri Chnadeswar Singh GS NFTE, Sri P.Abhimanyu GS BSNLEU, Sri Suresh Kumar GS BSNL MS and Secretary General BTEF, Sri Venkata Raman GS TEPU, Sri Subburaman President TEPU,  Sri Sebastin  GS  SNEA and Sri Prahlad Rai  GS  AIBSNLEA and requested them to kindly  take initiation and pressurize the Management for Regularization of Officiating JTOs through amendment in the JTO RR which is already approved by Management Committee and awaiting for  approval in the next BSNL Board meeting tentatively on 6th of April. He explained to all the leaders that the number of Officiating JTOs in the year 2007 are 2254 and at present 1446 left for Regularization after Deaths/ Retirements. All are doing the JTO duties in various sections in various places all over the country on Officiating basis since more than 10 years. Three Courts are also directed the BSNL Management to Regularize the Officiating JTOs either by Post basis or Supernumerary. All the General Secretaries / Presidents  of  Unions / Associations positively responded and assured to do needful for the Approval of JTO RR in the next Board Meeting.


Chennai High Cort dismissed the Writ Petitions

On 26-03-2014 High Court of Chennai dismissed the Writ petitions   (WP 22162/2014, WP 15509/2014) filed by SNATTA and BSNL Management  against the CAT judgment  to Regularize the Supernumerary JTOs first, then vacant posts can be used to Regularize the Officiating JTOs and remaining posts only for LICE.

Congratulations  to Tamilnadu Circle Officiating JTOs for their continuous efforts and win in the High Court of Chennai. Our case regarding reserving of the posts in the Principal CAT New Delhi is posted on 17-04-2015 for final hearing. We hope that there also we may get the same.


FR 22(1)a(1) Implementation in Gujarat Circle

     Shri B.A.Rao & Shri R.C.Manwar continuously  pursuing Pay Fixation of officiating JTOs under FR 22 (1) a (1) with CAO, DGM (Fin) & GM (Fin), Circle Office, Ahmedabad, Gujarat. In Gujarat Circle Office Pay Fixation of officiating JTOs under FR 22 (1) a (1) is completed. Gujarat Circle Officiating JTOs conveys sincere Thanks to Shri B.G.Patel and Shri Rakesh Mehra for their support in the implementation of FR 22(1)a(1).


Swarna Award presented by  CGM  Maharashtra to  DTO CSC BHANDARA SSA  which is maintained by our  Officiating JTO Sri S.S.Jangade.
Our Association conveys heartily congratulations and best wishes to Sri S.S.Janagade and all the DTO CSC Staff of BHANDARA SSA for their achievement.