FR 22(1) a (1) implementation orders issued

Friends on the occasion of Sri Ganesh Chaturthi we are happy to inform you that FR 22(1) a (1) implementation orders for all the BSNLOA members Circle wise issued by Corporate Office Vide Lr.No.  3-8/2010-Estt-IV(PT) dated 28-08-2014. Our Sincere Thanks to Sri R.K.Goyal GM Estt.  and Sri A.K.Sing AGM Pers-IV. We also convey our heartful Thanks to Sri Suresh Kumar GS BSNLMS and Secretary General BTEF for the continuous efforts on our issues.
All the State co-coordinators are requested to contact sri N.Kabeerdas for further details and implementation for all the BSNLOA members at their respective Circles as early as possible.


Latest developments on our issues

BTEF Secretary Genaral Sri Suresh Kumar and BSNLOA GS Sri H.P.Sing met Sri R.K.Goyal GM Estt. On 26-08-2014 and discussed about implementation of FR 22 (1)a(1) and Regularization of Officiating JTOs through JTO RR 2014. GM Estt. Told that Implementation of FR 22(1)a(1) order/clarification will be issued for the BSNLOA members Circle wise.  GM Estt.  Also told in last Board meeting on 05-08-2014 Smt. Rita Teaotia, Addl. (Secy) Telecom, DoT (BSNL Board Director)  mentioned that BSNL Management should give  revival plan of BSNL along with other HR issues including JTO RR 2014. Sri Suresh Kumar SG BTEF and Sri H.P.Sing strongly opposed and clarified that revival plan basing on Delloitte Consultancy report is oppposed by all the Associations/Unions. Clubbing of both the issues and non approval of long pending Regularization of Officiating JTOs through JTO RR 2014 is not correct and approaching and writing letters to all the BSNL Board of Directors  for Disscussion and Approval of JTO RR 2014.


Our delegation met BSNL Board of Directors at Hyderabad on 23-08-2014

Our Hyderabad delegation met the BSNL Board of Directors Sri N.K.Gupta Director (Consumer Fixed Assets), Sri Anupam Srivastava Director (Consumer Mobility & Finance) and Sri S.S.Agarwal GM (Personal) Corporate Office, New Delhi in Open Session of the AIBSNLEA and AIGETOA on the occasion of CWC meet of AIBSNLEA and Annual General Body Meeting of AIGETOA was held on 23.8.2014 at 11.00 hours in the Telecommunications Auditorium, Asman Mahal, BSNL Staff Quarter Complex, Hyderabad. In the open session our General Secretary requested the Board of Directors to please consider, discuss and approve the Absorption of all Qualified, Trained and Officiating JTOs through JTO RR 2014 in the next Board Meeting. After the Open Session Our delegation met personally the Board of Directors and appealed for the approval of JTO RR 2014 and Regularization of Officiating JTOs. They assured that the issue will be discussed in the next meeting and may be approved. Director (CM & Finance) enquired and told if the JTO RR 2014 is approved in the MC then there is no problem it will be approved in the Board Also.
Our sincere thanks to General secretaries of both AIBSNLEA and AIGETOA and particularly Sri Prahlad Rai GS AIBSNLEA, Sri P.Venugopal President AIBSNLEA and Sri J.Saibaba CS AP Circle and AGS (Eng) AIBSNLEA for giving this opportunity.


BSNL Board Meeting

BSNL Board Meeting was held on 05-08-2014 at 16:30 Hrs.  BSNL Board has not discussed the HR Issues including  JTO RR 2014 due to shortage of time. The HR issues including our issue JTO RR 2014 may be discussed in the next Board Meeting only. 

Friends I understood your feelings. We are putting all efforts but not succeeding. We are receiving different types of SMS due to frustration, nerves and by loosing the confidence. Still we should follow up our issues. Otherwise no body will take interest on our Regularization Issue. With all your cooperation we hope and see that our issue may be discussed and Approved in the Next BSNL Board Meeting.  


Emergency Delhi Tour details

Our delegation Sri N.Kabirdas and Sri U.Kanaka Raju along with Sri Suresh Kumar Secretary General BTEF and Sri Sarnam Singh Tomar  D.G.S  BSNLMS met Senior Officers of BSNL and DOT including Sri R.K.Goyal GM (Estt.), Sri A.K.Sing AGM (Pers-IV) and discussed about the following issues.

Regarding Regularization

All the Senior Officers are assured that our issue will be settled in the next Board Meeting. G M (Estt.) personally assured that our issue i.e. Regularization of Officiating JTOs through amendment in JTO RR 2001 called as JTO RR 2014 will be approved in the BSNL Board Meeting which is scheduled on 05-08-2014. By the end of AUG 2014 the process will be completed and orders will be issued.

But as per GM (Estt.)  After the Board Approval and issue of orders Phase I Training  will be there for all the Officiating JTOs as per the Syllabus changed in the year 2009. This is for fixation of seniority. 

Regarding FR 22 (1) a (1)

Gm (Estt.) and AGM (Pers-IV)  asked the BSNLOA to submit the consolidated membership list  of all the Circles immediately. No second list will be entertained. As per the records   lists of  following circles prepared.


The Final Consolidated lists were submitted by Sri H.P.Singh G.S BSNLOA and Sri Suresh Kumar S.G BTEF on 01-08-2014. As per GM (Estt.) the Orders / Clarification regarding implementation of FR22 (1) a (1) to all the circles concerned along with lists will be issued  shortly.

Regarding Officiating Arrangement in AP Circle.

The AGM (Admn) AP Circle office wrote a letter to Corporate Office for clarification regarding Local Officiating Arrangement for JTOs.  By our request GM (Estt.) Spoken to Addi. G.M. (Admn) AP Circle and CGM AP Circle and assured that the Officiating arrangement will not be stopped and he will peruse the matter.