GS Delhi Tour details

Sri N.Kabeerdas GS BSNL OA, Sri Suresh Kumar Secretary General BTEF, Sri H.P.Singh DGS BSNL OA and Sri Tomar DGS BSNLMS, Sri Virender FS BSNL MS met Smt Sujatha Ray Director HR and Smt Madhu Arora GM (Estb)  and discussed about
1)   JTO Phase-I Training for Rule -8  and declined officiating JTOs in detail.
2)  Implementation of FR 22(1) a (1) Pay Fixation for all the Officiating period and Pay protection.
Both Smt Sujatha Ray Director HR and Smt Madhu Arora GM (Estb) responded positively and assured for early action on both the issues.
 All the above delegation met Sri Gupta GM SR and discussed about association matters and membership verification of Executives. 


HRA on Basic pay with 78.2 fitment Order

Issues relating to Medical facility extended to retired employees

HRA on Basic Pay with 78.2% fitment

As per news from Corporate Office the CMD BSNL has approved the benefit of HRA on Basic Pay  with 78.2% fitment instead of 68.8 % fitment as being paid presently. The payment will be from  01.10.2016. Orders are expected soon.


JTO Phase-II Training.

The information from BRBRAITT Jabalpur the JTO Phase-II training schedules are releasing as per the training request from the Circles and availability of Training Centers. Hence all the BSNL OA Circle Secretaries and active members are requested to peruse at their Circle level to send the requests to BRBRAITT Jabalpur for the allotment of Training Schedules.


GS Delhi Tour.

Our GS will be at Delhi on 18-08-2016, 19-08-2016 and 20-08-2016 for perusing the following issues with Director HR BSNL Board.
1)  JTO Phase-1 Training for Declined and Rule-8 cases.
a)  AP-                      9.
b)  Karnataka-         22.
c)  Kerala-                1.
2)  FR 22 (1) a (1) implementation, recovery of arrears etc.